QC Mobile App

New in 2017 – instead of using the web application, you can now use your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet to connect to our cameras.  Just download our free app by clicking the link below.

Android App

Apple App

Once installed, open the app, and tap the icon in the upper left to configure your app.  Tap on the DEVICE MANAGER option in the menu.

Then, tap on the PLUS icon at the upper right corner.  On the menu that comes up, select the IP/Domain option.

Set up your screen as shown below:

Name:  LHWP   (It’s just a label, you can use anything you want)

For the ADDRESS setting, use the following information below, depending on the location you want to view:

1714 North 120th Street in Omaha, NE = 120th.lhwp.com

4859 South 97th Street in Omaha, NE = 97th.lhwp.com

205 South 27th Street in Council Bluffs, IA = 27th.lhwp.com

3172 Dodge Street in Omaha, NE = 32nd.lhwp.com

Port: 37777

Username:  The username assigned to you by Little Hands

Password:  The password assigned to you by Little Hands

If you don’t have a username and password, or if you’ve forgotten yours, you will need to contact Little Hands to get that information.

Once you have that set up, tap on the START LIVE PREVIEW option to get started.

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